January 2019 Mahogany CARES received a generous Walmart Community grant. 

 On behalf of Mahogany CARES Foundation Inc and the community we would like to thank Brown Deer Walmart for putting money back into the community and supporting our mission to advocate, educate, empower and bring forth awareness to the problems plaguing Women, Children and Families in our Community!  Mahogany CARES a nonprofit 501c3 is dedicated to Women’s empowerment & wellness- mind, body, spirit & family, advocating for those in immediate need, honoring survivors and never forgetting those we have lost. Mahogany CARES was founded in 2010 by Cyrena Martin and was created to bring awareness to issues affecting women, families and the community.  We provide valuable resources in our community which allow many a chance at a better quality of life.  Thank you #Walmart and the #CommunityGiving Team for your support and believing in our mission to change lives 1 Family at a time.

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